Council Information



The Houston Business and Estate Planning Council maintains an active membership of 120 persons, with 30 active members in each of the following four categories:


(1) Attorneys,


(2) Certified Public Accountants,


(3) Chartered Life Underwriters, Chartered Financial Consultants and Certified Financial Planners,


(4) Trust Officers of a bank or trust company authorized to do business in the State of Texas.


Nominations for approval that would create more than 120 active members or more than 30 in each category will be allowed only if approved by the Board of Directors prior to the regular November meeting.


No more than three persons from any firm or organization are on the active membership roster unless the Board determines that additional persons from a firm or organization should be permitted and that permitting such additional persons is in the best interest of the council.


An active member who reaches age 50 on or before the dues deadline for any membership year and has been a member of the council at least ten years automatically becomes a “Senior-active” member. "Senior-active" members are the same as Active members for all purposes (including the payment of dues and eligibility for election as an officer or director of the council) except the limitations on the number of active members in the council and in each membership category.  There is no age limit on "Senior-active" membership status; you may remain in "Senior-active" status beyond age 65.


A member who reached age 65 before the 2008 dues deadline, and who elected to become a “senior” member during 2008 pays reduced annual dues in an amount determined annually by the Board of Directors and also pays a fee for each meeting attended in an amount equal to the guest charge. Senior member status is no longer available for those who had not previously elected such status in 2008 or earlier years.  This was not an automatic category, but an elective category.


The Membership Chair will initiate a membership drive in the first quarter of the year. The Membership Committee will propose prospective members to fill any vacancies in the four categories of membership at one of the regular Spring monthly meetings of the council. Majority approval of the members in attendance is required for acceptance.